COS-CLUSINT-2017-03-6: Clusters Go International in the defence and security sector

The main objective of the action is to support European defence and security-related clusters and business network organisations to intensify collaboration across borders with other non-defence industrial clusters and to develop and implement joint strategies in areas of dual use technologies, products and services towards non-EU countries.

Type of activities

Applicants are encouraged to build on the cross-sectorial dimension of the dual use markets and on the diversity of application domains, in particular by involving different clusters and business network organisations engaged in the value-chain and in support of the development of emerging industries.

Applicants are invited to propose actions that contribute to establish a „European Strategic Cluster Partnership – Going International“(ESCP-4i) to develop a joint internationalisation strategy for the Partnership with common goals towards specific third markets and a roadmap for implementation facilitating the internationalisation of its SME members.

In addition, the Partnerships are expected to demonstrate swift adaptability to future developments in international trade and coherence of their strategic priorities with EU strategies, notably as regards trade policy.

Eligibility of applicants

Applicants must be legal entities forming a consortium all representing a cluster organisation or a business network organisation registered or planned to be registered on the European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP).

Applicant organisations must be established in EU Member States.

Applicant organisations must form consortia composed of at least three different cluster or business network organisations established in three different EU Member States.

At least one of the three applying cluster or business network organisations must be a defence-related entity (according to the provisions of section 6.2 of the Call for proposals).

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