After the competition performed, the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA) sent the descent of 7 Lithuanian clusters for the participation in the 5th International Cluster Matchmaking Conference in Stuttgart, Germany on 21-22 September 2017.

Impressions from the event were shared by the colleagues from the Užupis Creative Cluster (UCC), Laser and Engineering Technology Clusters (LITEK) and the Wellness Cluster iVita.

Marius Pareščius,
The President of the Užupis Creative Cluster and the Executive Director of the Lithuanian Cluster Association

Marius Pareščius

“This year’s event in Stuttgart was much stronger than in Brussels in November, last year. This year we heard very interesting reports, including from the representatives of the German Government and the European Commission. Most of the participants of the Cluster Matchmaking Conference were active and motivated.


Contacts, made at the event are promising and will likely lead to the creation of new projects. We intend to develop cooperation with the Balkan countries, Germany, Scandinavians in the preparation of Horizon 2020, Interreg and similar projects. In November, we are awaiting for the invitation of the COSME program and are planning to prepare a project, involving the Lithuanian Clusters Association.


We heard interesting initiatives from German clusters, especially in the fields of machinery and automotive. German colleagues set up project incubators, aiming to atomatize production and attract starters related to the increasing of the efficiency of production and new technologies (smart city, smart home, internet of things). We see opportunities for Lithuanian companies to cooperate with the Germans in these areas.


This year, the representatives of 7 clusters went from Lithuania. Next year we expect to go with a team of 10-15 clusters – the more of us go, the more noticeable we will be and the more opportunities we will have to receive offers to participate in various projects.


When preparing for the next year’s event, I draw the attention of my colleagues from Lithuania, so that meetings at the Cluster Matchmaking Conference should be reserved for at least 2 months before, so that we would be able to meet with the interested parties. “

Julius Paužolis,
Director of the Laser and Engineering Cluster

“I attended the event for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised, because it was better than I expected. According to statistics, this year’s event pulled up the largest number of participants, compared with all those before – close to 200.


We were glad that the event brought together many really big clusters, rated by Bronze, Silver and Gold Label Certificates – representatives from Scandinavia, the Baltic region, Central Europe and Western countries.


Clusters, with whom I made contacts, actively and willingly shared information and experience, sought inter-sectoral cluster cooperation opportunities, and tended to develop cooperation.


At B2B meetings, I have established valuable contacts with clusters of microtechnologies, biotechnologies, IT, optoelectronics, automobiles, space and manufacturing technologies, who were very interested in the companies and cooperation opportunities of LITEK members.


I also received suggestions for our companies to join the existing project initiatives, to initiate joint projects under the Innovation Express Tool. “

Diana Vertelkienė,
The Head of the Wellness Cluster iVita

Diana Vertelkienė

“I have attended this event for the third time and I can state that the quality of events is improving every year. The event offers the opportunity not only to create new contacts, but also to acquire new knowledge in workshops and to learn ideas from the examples of good practices.


During B2B meetings, our cluster has established new contacts with life science clusters from Estonia and Poland and the textile cluster from France. At the moment, our cluster is particularly interested the area of textile goods, and high hopes are added to the newly created contact.


We are currently continuing our communication and are discussing the business mission to visit the textile cluster in France. “


The Cluster Matchmaking Conference and Contact Fair “Bringing Cluster Collaboration to the Next Level“ is organized for the fifth time and is one of the largest cluster events in the Baltic Sea Region, attracting more than 130 clusters from 26 countries every year. It helps to establish new contacts, develop new cooperation projects. The purpose of the conference is to promote the internationalization of clusters through active participation in the BSR program “Innovation Express”.