Lithuanian Clusters Association unites horizontal and various business branches clusters, associated institutions and other organizations that meets the models of clustering activity and ideas of clustering.

The Association takes part in a develompent of clusters policy, represents its members in the Seimas (the Parliament) of the Republic of Lithuania, in relationship with Government, ministries, municipalities and other state authorities.

The Association:

  • provides a relevant information about any kind of topics of clusters‘ activities to its members;
  • brings members together to discuss strategic questions about a development of clusters and other important issues;
  • provides common opinions and suggestions to state institutions;
  • creates an invaluable exchange of experience and know-how among the members of the Association.

Lithuanian Clusters‘ Association is a competence center of clusters. In a co-operation and an exchange of knowledge it accumulated unique experience:

  • concept development of clustering;
  • establishment and facilitation of a cluster;
  • training;
  • foreign markets research;
  • application for EU-funded projects, development and administration of these projects;

as well as in many other areas where the Association everyday creates value for both clusters and their members directly.

We share our experience with the members of the Assocation, provide an advice and suggestions to state authorities, public institutions. We also seek to educate and inform the Lithuanian business community, our current and potential partners about the values and posibilties in the spirit of clustering.

Lithuanian clusters‘ association and its members specialists are the professionals of different industries; the clusters‘ facilitators and experts provide consultations on the various activities of clusters in related areas:

  • advise of the companies and organizations in a building of a cluster, help to develop of ideas, concepts and formulate objectives;
  • advise on the establishment of cluster, administration, funding sources, an improvement of operational efficiency, marketing and communication, cooperation and communication with state and municipal institutions, a representation of cluster and industries of interest in the political level, etc.;
  • advise on the facilitation of a cluster: business strategy, involvement and empowerment of members of a cluster, organization in exchanging experience and training, cooperation among members, deployment of principles for sharing and non-competition, development of an environment based on trust and respect of the organization;
  • counsel on the advisability and opportunity to participate in EU-funded projects, the preparation and submission of the applications for EU funding, an execution of the projects, management and reporting;
  • advise on the advisability and opportunity on international cooperation, on the ways and means for finding potential partners in other countries, on a particularity of cooperation and communication with partners, an initiation and execution of joint international project;
  • counsel on the performance assessment of a cluster, certification of facilitators, integration into the international clusters‘ networks, etc.

Consultations on general issues are free for the organizations seeking membership in the Lithuania Clusters Association. For consultations of specialists in professionals and subject-specific areas the additional fees can be applied.

Lithuanian Clusters Association periodically organizes training, seminars, round table discussions and conferences for both its members and the general public.

Follow our news and information if you are interesting in the activities of the Association, models of clusters and clustering processes in Lithuania. If you are looking for specific information, seeking professional knowledge, would like an advice or plan to become a member of the Lithuanian Clusters Association, you are welcome to contact us.